Monday, February 8, 2016

Flourish Mornings

I'm quite the morning bird since I work like crazy and still want time to feed my passion. So half the time i'm going to a million different coffee places to stay awake on my 5 am mornings. One of the places you'll catch me ALL the time is Alfred Coffee in Melrose Place LA. It's just the cutest place and has amazing coffee. It's just one of those places that I gravitate towards. I also like spending mornings in comfy clothing, and boy is this two piece comfy. It's definitely one that you'll catch me wearing, while sipping coffee at home on the couch. Mornings are meant to be taken in and the way I think of it, it's a brand new start to do what you love or work towards what you love. So keep it up loves, xx.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

Walking on Sunshine

HAPPY FRIDAY! These past two weeks have been insane lately but bring on the chaos. All my previous posts have been about the coming of the new year and how it's been so far… But I am kind of obsessed with how great this year has been to me. I feel it in my heart that it's only gonna get better from here I have so much that i'm working on and I CANT WAIT. Obviously hard work isn't easy and when you love something you have to put your blood sweat tears and whole self into it. Otherwise you don't get the results or happiness you desire. I seriously LOVE what I do when I create for you guys. So I definitely feel like i'm walking on sunshine! Especially wearing my favorite color…so you see why I couldn't pass up this beauty of a jumpsuit. Forever thankful for what I do, who I meet and those who have helped me get here. For whatever passion it is you have talk about it, ignite it, feed it, embrace it and continue to do it. 


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Monday, January 25, 2016

Garden Rover

As January is coming to a sweet end it's hard to believe we've already gone through nearly one month of 2016. I've probably already had an imaginable amount of cups of coffee, check. And so on and so forth. I know it's still winter but this little number has me ready for spring. It's gonna be my new go to! It's a lovely tunic from a lovely company that I'm literally obsessed with everything they carry! While winter is still upon us and half of you are dealing with Snow i'm over in Sunny California roaming around in tunics that make me want to go straight back to Cancun for vacay! Enjoy and shop my look below! 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lacey Dunes

Keep on dreaming, you dreamers. Lace, temporary tattoos and long cardigans on the blog today/tonight. I have to say… have you seen the POCKETS on this cardigan?! It's simply amazing and at a chic length every girl needs one of these bad boys in their closet. If I could have a whole closet mixed with white and lace I WOULD… I love lace a little too much and sometimes I have to just avoid getting it because that's literally all i'd have. Thats the cool thing about style it's something that changes but doesn't at the same time. Like lace, lace to me is timeless. Which is also why I love this dress I can get loads of use out of it. So enjoy my sandy dunes adventure…which also cost me a good work out that hill is no joke! 

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